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why replace the existing facility ?
The Terminal Reservoir Facility was put online in 1951. It consists of two 20 million gallon water reservoirs near the mouth of Parleys Canyon. The reservoirs were built as a main component to the water distribution system for much of Salt Lake City and Sandy. The facilities have served the community well during their long lifespan, but it's time they be replaced. When complete, the reservoirs will be structurally superior to the old reservoirs by being seismically rated to withstand large earthquakes so that the facility may still serve the community in the event of a disaster.
Alder Construction is pleased to be working with the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake and Sandy, and Bowen Collins and Associates on this project.
You can read more about facility and the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake and Sandy at their website. . HERE
You can lean more about the work Bowen Collins does at their website . . HERE